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Five Years Away From Retirement

When you get close to retirement, you need to be able to answer one important question:

Do you know exactly how much money it will take for you to retire comfortably and to stay comfortably retired?

If the answer is no, let me ask you one more question:

Would you like me to sit with you to help you discover the answer with the understanding that there will be no cost or obligation?

If the answer to this second question is yes, please call my office at (702) 870-7711 or send me email at We would be happy to help you discover your answer.

Retirement has two possible outcomes. There are no other options and only one outcome is possible. Your two choices are:
  1. Your money outlives you. You are able to retire with dignity and independence. 
  2. You outlive your money.

(Yes, we all want to bounce the check on our last day, but since we don't know that day, it is rather hard to plan for it)

The difference between these two outcomes is a formal, date specific plan. While a plan can't guarantee success, it can point out things that you can work on before retirement to increase your chances of success.

When you're five years from retirement, this is a great time to create your retirement income plan. Give us a call and we can help!