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401(k) Rollovers

When people leave an employer, people wonder what to do with their 401k. they ask questions like:

  • What do I do with my 401k?
  • How do I roll my 401k to an IRA?
  • Can I roll my 401k into a Roth IRA?
You have options and we can help you decide what is best for you. 

Unfortunately, the paperwork for 401k distributions can be confusing. If done incorrectly, you can be subject to taxes and penalties. We can help you through the process and get it done correctly with no taxes and no penalties.

Peak Financial Solutions will:

  • Help you complete your paperwork
  • Work with you to select from a wide variety of investments, including mutual funds, stocks, bonds, ETFs, REITs, and annuities
  • Provide continual monitoring of your investments.
  • Discuss options to help your beneficiaries reduce taxes

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